The Myrtle Street Tavern is not only the oldest bar in the County it has the most colorful history and a reputation that is legendary, one that peeks your interest, where people come in just to say they’ve been.

It all started in the 1800’s when the Boston & Maine Railroad came to town. Guests on the rail stayed at swanky hotel s in town that are no longer standing and the workers laid their heads here, at the Myrtle House. They could get a bite to eat, wet their whistle, and if the rumors are true… meet “Mrs. Right” for the night. It has changed names, owners and looks since then, but it has always remained a true gin mill. We survived prohibition, the depression and we plan on being here for many years to come. A seafarer’s bar that welcomes locals, out of towners young and old. We promise a good time will be had. Every week Myrtle is host to many of the state’s best bands, karaoke and open mic night. We feature more live music than any other venue in the city. Serving Maine made Craft Brews, delicious cocktail specials and a hearty tavern menu (available until midnight seven days a week).

If you find yourself in Rockland stop in and check us out we’d love to meet you. Many spirits, liquid and otherwise have passed through our doors, you might even catch a glimpse of Myrtle herself peeping out of an upstairs window at night waiting for a gentlemen friend to come up and see her!

Don’t wait for the weekend to enjoy the dive-bar atmosphere at the Myrtle Street Tavern.

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